Cheyenne listened to all of my ideas and created exactly what I needed in a business card. Highly recommended.
— Tony L.
Great working with you again! She responded quickly and made the necessary changes to my logo immediately. We will work together again, thanks!
— David G.
Cheyenne is an outstanding creative professional. Her commitment to quality and customer satisfaction was been unmatched, this is the 2nd time we have hired her!
In terms of communication, she was extremely prompt with not only her replies, but with her revisions as we requested changes. Speaking of requesting changes, she never once pushed back and was always willing to fine tune even the tiniest edit with no hesitation.
She is personable, efficient, professional, talented, and an all around awesome artist.
Thank you! I hope we have an opportunity to hire you again in the future.
— Ashley J.
Great job and excellent communication throughout the design process. Final product exceeds expectations. Thanks!
— Brian B.
Great experience! She was responsive, efficient and gave me new ideas even when I didn’t think I needed any. :)
Thank you for the quick turnaround and I look forward to working together again!
— David G.
Cheyenne was great to work with. Would recommend again for future works
— Alex S.
Cheyenne did an awesome job! We’ll definitely be sending jobs her way in the future.
— Kent T.
Cheyenne is an exceptional artists who works so quickly. She was able to draft for us a custom minimal movie poster with pretty vague direction and from the start it could not have been more perfect. She is so flexible and all around a phenomenal professional and artist that I would love to work with again someday. Thank you sooooo much Cheyenne for making this experience so amazing and the perfect project that you completed for us.
— Ashley J.
Cheyenne was very easy to work with and delivered exactly what we needed, when we needed it.
— Justin R.
Thanks for your great communication and always exceeding expectations. Definitely will be back for more
— Juwan M.
Always a great person to work with and very patient! Looking forward to more orders!!!
— Michael P.
Have worked with them now on a few projects and as always: quick, reliable, and great work
— Chris J.
Throughout the years you meet people who are amazing to work with. We’ve been working through a little playbook, I did not know exactly what it would be . . . we brought this project to life through a shared creative expression. I highly recommend working with Cheyenne
— Maria C.
I loved their samples, so I contacted them about my logo. She delivered a product that was even better than I had imagined. Very responsive to communication, and incorporated additional ideas in better ways than my suggestions. Will work with again in the future if I have additional needs for graphics!
— Laurie L.
Cheyenne was absolutely amazing!!! I was completely clueless on how to get this logo done and she made it super easy and WAY ahead of schedule!! She explained things and gave me all the info I ever needed for using the finished product! I would totally recommend her and use again in the future!! A++ Thank you!!!
— Jeff O.
Very easy to work with responding quickly to requests. Understood exactly what we were trying to achieve. Good job!
— Anthony J.
My THIRD time utilizing the services of this amazingly talented designer and another easy 5 stars. Continues to exceed expectations.
— Will M.
I wanted unique and not previously created and that’s exactly what she delivered! Cheyenne was wonderful to work with! She was very thorough & had great communication. She also has a wonderfully unique perspective to their work which I adore. I would not be hesitant to work with her on future projects!
— Destiny B.
Great to work with. Stuck to my requirements closely and produced a fantastic graphic for me. Will definitely use their services again. Thank you
— Victoria B.