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I'm a Graphic Designer currently working out of Denver, Colorado. I love creating all kinds of graphics, whether they be for the exact-science of branding and marketing, or fun, illustrative projects. I offer an easy, one-on-one service, where we work together to figure out the perfect solution for your company’s needs. This is a professional, personable, customer-attracting graphics service that will grow with, and inspire the growth, of your business or brand.


How It Works:

I'm able to keep costs impressively low thanks to the grassroots nature of how I operate. There's no staff or office space driving up the prices, you only pay for my individual time. Here's how it all works:

  1. Send me an email through the site. I'll get back with you quickly, and we can start discussing your project. I'll be upfront with you from here, letting you know what kind of work I will be doing for each step, and if the project is doable.

  2. Once your request has been accepted, I will send you a contract. This contract will spell out the project clearly for you to look over, that way you know exactly what to expect. It will include things like what the project entails, how long it will take, and what the final price will be. If everything looks good, work will start immediately.

  3. During the project, I will include you throughout every step of the process, so if there's something you don't like, it can be edited immediately. This helps save time, but it also ensures that you end up with a final product that is not only highly customized, but one that you also can understand and know every aspect of, because you were a part of it's creation.

  4. Once the project is complete, payment can be sent according to what we initially agreed upon. PayPal is typically the most secure and easily accessible method. If you would prefer a different method, I'm happy to discuss these options with you as well.

Here are some hard-earned, real-life testimonials

Great experience with Cheyenne! She was responsive, efficient and gave me new ideas even when I didn’t think I needed any. :)

Thank you for the quick turnaround and I look forward to working together again!
— David G.
Tasked with a challenge to come up with something unique, she stepped up and worked with me to come up with a set of spot on profile icons unique to my needs.
— ebickmann
Cheyenne has been wonderful to work with. She designed a beautiful logo for my Shopify store.
— Pamela B.
She was absolutely amazing!!! I was completely clueless on how to get this logo done and she made it super easy and WAY ahead of schedule!! She explained things and gave me all the info I ever needed for using the finished product! I would totally recommend her and use again in the future!! A++ Thank you!!!
— Jeffoliver79
Cheyenne is an exceptional artists who works so quickly. She was able to draft for us a custom minimal movie poster with pretty vague direction and from the start it could not have been more perfect. She is so flexible and all around a phenomenal professional and artist that I would love to work with again someday. Thank you sooooo much Cheyenne for making this experience so amazing and the perfect project that you completed for us.
— Ashley J
Cheyenne did an awesome job! We’ll definitely be sending jobs her way in the future.
— Metron Branding
Loved Cheyenne’s samples, so I contacted her about my logo. She delivered a product that was even better than I had imagined. Very responsive to communication, and incorporated additional ideas in better ways than my suggestions. Will work with again in the future if I have additional needs for graphics!
— Legendlaurie
It was a blast working with her! I have made up my mind that any and all future logo’s I may need, I WILL COME BACK TO HER! If you want logos that will BRAND you, this is the right place for you. She turned my imagination into a reality, This logo is a game changer & I LITERALLY COULD NOT BE HAPPIER WITH THE OUTCOME!!! <3
— skm366
My THIRD time utilizing the services of this amazingly talented designer and an easy 5 stars. Continues to exceed expectations.
— willmccullough